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​Celosvetový simultánny turnaj 2013​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

7.6.2013 v piatok

Slovenský bridžový zväz dostal pozvánku do Celosvetovej simultánky. Oproti tu pôvodne zverejnenej informácii je štartovné 1.60 Euro na hráča pre WBF, štartovné v klube bude 2 Eurá na hráča.

Celosvetová simultánka sa koná 7. a 8. júna. V klube by sme ju hrali 7. júna v piatok.

Uvádzam text pozvánky, ako došiel prezidentovi zväzu:


Friday 7th & Saturday 8th June 2013 – book the date for the World Wide Bridge Contest!

Please, dear Peter , read this carefully and help me to increase the entries for this event – this year the President has decided that any profit made will go towards the development of Junior Bridge, such a vital part of the WBF’s work.Click here to read more about it or email me for the information.

As you may already know, this fun Simultaneous Pairs is held over two days and clubs can play on either one (or both!). The excellent commentary is done by Eric Kokish and clubs can decide whether to have the booklets sent by standard mail or by email. Please promote this event for us and invite your clubs to take part. I can either send the material directly to the clubs or – if you prefer – I can send it to you as the NBO for onward distribution as I do with some of the countries who find it easier that way.

The event can easily be scored using one of several scoring programs 
(see http://www.ecatsbridge.com/sims/scoringetc/programs.asp) which create the special files needed for sending to ECatsBridge for use in the overall scoring. Once they are sent in, the results can be viewed atwww.ecatsbridge.com/sims within about 3 minutes.

WBF Year Points are awarded for the leading positions on the overall ranking and we do request NBOs to award their own master points based on your national ranking list – which will be displayed on the website. This encourages clubs to enter and the more clubs we have the more fun it is for everyone!

Entries should be sent by to me (anna@ecats.co.uk) giving details of the club name, the day you wish to play and whether you want the booklets sent by post or whether you will take it all by email. If you want them sent by post then please let me know how many tables you will have so I can send the right number!. Full details, together with past commentaries for you to enjoy can be found at : http://www.ecatsbridge.com/sims/wwbc/

Do PLEASE promote this so your clubs join us if you can – it is a really enjoyable event and we think your players would find it fun and challenging!

I am sure the clubs will want to know the costs – these can be paid in US $, € or British Pounds and are as detailed:

If the club wants the booklets sent to them the entry fee is US$ 3.00 / €2.40 / £2.00 per player, if they are sent by email it is just US$ 2.00 / €1.60 / £1.35 per player. Payment can be made by bank transfer or through PayPal or by Credit Card – if they are paid by Credit Card then it can only be in British Pounds. Full instructions come with the organiser pack or the zip file with the hands. We ask that payment is made as soon as possible after the event, and certainly no later than 30th June.

Any and all help to publicise this event will be gratefully received !

Best regards

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